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Four Swords Misadventures #10 is out.

2016-02-24 21:13:19 by kuro-rpg

Another episode of Hadouken's series is out and more progress in the story has been made!

Oh my goodness, NO!

2015-02-10 15:40:53 by kuro-rpg

Looks like Four Swords Misadventures #9, Hadouken_Dude stated in the secret section that viewers could PM me for uncensored versions of the Playrule pinups.  I never had any intention of releasing those, so please do NOT PM me for the pics. :(

Yes, that was me...

2015-02-08 19:57:20 by kuro-rpg

I know. Lack of music in the last while. Well, I got a newer computer, but even with everything I tried, it does not want to handle the music the older one did.  I am still working on making 'more music submissions' possible.

Since there have been a couple messages come in about the "Dirty Magazine" content in FSM 9, I plan to reply with the following response:

- Yes, I pixeled them.

- Yes, there are uncensored versions.

- No, I am not posting links to those. :p


Enjoy! :)

Busy Busy Kuro

2014-10-30 13:02:50 by kuro-rpg

Hi. I managed to put another track. I have had some paid commissions come in with my website (Not much in the way of $$$, but every penny counts these days), so things have been delayed.

Approaching the 50 submissions mark, as crazy as that sounds... 

I find with a lot of my re-masters and stuff, my trend slides toward games that are a good 20 years old.  Maybe because I find the tunes to be more interesting than more modern stuff which often feels like generic orchestra and ambience.  I guess I prefer catchy stuff... :p

Waiting on others as I am waited on...

2014-08-10 20:17:30 by kuro-rpg

Three more submissions went up today.  I had some paid commissions come in, so there has been a bit of a delay on all the other "Working on stuff" fronts.

I wonder when Four Swords Misadventures #9 is going to appear.  I contributed a lot of pixel art into the project and I  hope it shows up on Newgrounds, soon...

Wooow... Someone needs a hobby...

2014-05-18 16:15:18 by kuro-rpg

So I go to check my submissions and see how they are doing when I came across something a bit unexpected.  ALL my Mystic Quest submission scores had been severely down voted. Just those ones.  The other stuff was fine.  I think it was one of the other Mystic Quest music makers who did not like how my stuff was sitting on the top end of a search when you looked them up...  So now they are all near the bottom.  Talk about sad.

So, in protest over that, I have posted three more submissions. :)


UPDATE: It looks like people have read my post.  The ratings are climbing back up again.  Thank you very much! :)

Still kicking around!

2014-04-21 01:06:44 by kuro-rpg

Hi hi.

I am still kicking around on this site, putting up more music tracks along the way.  Mostly, I am waiting for Four Swords Miadventures #9 to (finally) get posted on here.  I did a lot of pixel art for that project and one of my minor music tracks is used on there, too.

Delay in music-making.

2013-12-17 01:52:58 by kuro-rpg


I was shuffling around stuff on my computer and had to reuild my sound font setup.  I should be back to making more moosik-related stuff again soon.

Bouncy Bouncy

2013-10-31 01:50:27 by kuro-rpg

Okay, pushing that embarassment of a post down, I was thinking: I seem to be all over the place when I do re-masters and stuff; jumping from one game to another, though I tend to go for more of the older games. A matter of preference, maybe, but some tracks happen to stick with me.

It has me wondering; I would not expect results overnight, but I wonder if I should continue jumping around, playing with stuff I happen to like, or sit down and focus on an OST for a change...

Okay... What's Going On here?!

2013-10-05 13:35:52 by kuro-rpg

Once in a while I like to check on the progress of my submissions, see how many views/downloads/ etc. they have. Normally they all have a decent start, but slow down once they are no longer a fresh/recent submission. There appears to be one that seems to be breaking that rule, however. The one labelled "Shadow Madness - Forestgrove". This one is a more recent submission, but it seems to have topped all my other ones for the year and is even a couple of them from past years as well...

I am not sure sure if I am actually complaining or not. It just seems a little... wtf to me. >_>;