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Okay... What's Going On here?!

2013-10-05 13:35:52 by kuro-rpg

Once in a while I like to check on the progress of my submissions, see how many views/downloads/ etc. they have. Normally they all have a decent start, but slow down once they are no longer a fresh/recent submission. There appears to be one that seems to be breaking that rule, however. The one labelled "Shadow Madness - Forestgrove". This one is a more recent submission, but it seems to have topped all my other ones for the year and is even a couple of them from past years as well...

I am not sure sure if I am actually complaining or not. It just seems a little... wtf to me. >_>;


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2013-10-07 11:50:45

Complaining over a high score? WTF!

kuro-rpg responds:

Not really complaining so much as it is... REALLY weird. ._.

I am normally a suspicious Kuro...