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Not Dead! Not Dead!

2013-09-05 13:30:33 by kuro-rpg


I have posted a couple more music tracks, hoping to push my way through and try to get the ratio of finished to unfinished tracks down... to less than 1 in 10. >_>

Metroid Piano Pieces.

2010-12-04 18:42:03 by kuro-rpg

Hi Hi. Kuro-chan here, hopefully trying to say something worthwhile.

I have noted there appears to be multiple Metroid Piano pieces on the go and it almost looks at though I have started some kind of compilation project.

The only question I have would be: The Prime Corruption Title piece is done in a different format than the other three: Prime Echoes Opening, Prime Corruption Ghor Battle and Prime Corruption Bryyo.

I was thinking either:
- Overwrite the three older ones with revised versions
- Add the three revised ones and leave the older ones for comparison

If anyone actually wants to comment about it, I am all ears. :3

~ Kuro-chan.

FSM #7 Credits Discussion.

2010-05-14 20:16:58 by kuro-rpg

FSM #7 Credits Discussion.

Hello. Kuro-chan here again to chat about the work behind the flash movie: Four Swords Misadventures #7. It certainly has been a very long time since my last major flash movie contribution. (I did not have a lot of people asking me, I suppose. >_>)

The project picked up right after FSM #6 became available on Newgrounds and Kuro-RPG. Hadouken_Dude and I both liked the idea of doing something with the end credits (Though the taste in what I selected might have been a bit questionable, I did put a decent amount of effort to try and make it work). Therefore, it was a given we would do this again. We set our goals for something more complicated.

For those who are not familiar with what I did, a quick link to the image can be found below:
Episode #6 Image

For the #7 ending, I planned to do a parody on the Claymore series ending (Using the Danzai no Hana closing version music in the BG), but as I started working on it, I found I was making insufficient progress, so Hadouken and I discussed it and we moved over to Slayers. He wanted to do the 1st season ending and I wanted to do the 2nd season. We compromised and did the 3rd season ending instead.

The first sketches went quite well. To see my first sketches, you can click below. It links to a basic html page which shows off the 8 images:
Sample #1

Once approved by him, he posted the work on his website and forum and I went to work on getting them coloured and revised so they looked like more than a mere sketch. We did run into a bit of an issue with one of the scene which involved all five of them staring off at the sky. The original scene calls for 5 drawn characters animated by the wind effect. I was unsure with how I wanted to draw the scene, so I proposed to Hadouken that we do it as sprite instead, since the characters are so small. This gave me a chance to do some heavy editing in the kind of work I am better at doing anyway, allowing me to animate Zelda and greatly alter the background images used.

The whole thing was taking longer than expected and got to a certain point where Hadouken_Dude was waiting for just myself and Osuka to finish doing my work before he could submit the movie. I did not want to hold up Hadouken's project any longer, so I hurried it up and got all my artwork done by around the end of Januray just before my birthday.

To see the graphics I actually contributed to the end credits of FSM #7, you can click below. It links to a basic html page which shows off the various images. You may want to not the sizes of the images do not correspond to what was used in the final take.
Sample #2

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I may be inclined to take ideas on what to do for the end credits to #8, though I currently have a few ideas in mind as it is, some of them rather intense. >_>

Current ideas for the next end credits include:
- Claymore, Danzai no Hana
- One Piece, Ending #4
- Dragon Ball Z, ending (Unsure which one, Hadouken gave me the link a long time ago).

FSM #6 Credits Discussion.

2008-12-23 18:50:53 by kuro-rpg

Kuro-chan here. (AKA Kuro-RPG)

I just wanted to talk a little about my contributions to Four Swords Misadventures #6 end credits and "WHY" it was done a certain way. I threw the idea to Victor Fiori (Hadouken_Dude) as something that would be "Different" than his regular credits. Up to this point, his credits were short and not the most interesting to watch (in my opinion).

What got my interest in the idea was (of course) seeing the original version of the Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre ending and the song that goes with it, but as I looked through Youtube, I also found "Variants" to this ending, including a Sailor Moon variant, a Suzumiya Haruhi variant, and so on. That got me thinking "Why not a Zelda variant?" ... So I went with that idea to Hadouken and after some persuasion (since he was used to making his credits short, sweet and to the point), he agreed.

For a sample of the original version, you can look
For anyone who has seen the credits, you will note that the two look VERY similar, with the exception being that there is a Zelda-theme instead of a Rozen Maiden-theme.

Does it make the Links more feminine? Yes. I was aiming for comparative accuracy and when I demoed the original full image to a few people, they were rather surprised to see just how "close" the original and Zelda version was. I wanted to match the proportions, facial expression, pose, etc. I felt it would not be much of a parody otherwise.

It has been interesting to read through the posted comments and the few mixed opinions I could find about my efforts. I am pleased to see a few approved of my efforts and what I was trying to do. Thank you.